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Happy January folks! It's art time.

I'm offering digital high resolution Sci-fi and Fantasy commissions. Whether you want a futuristic vehicle designed or an illustration for a fantasy world that you've created, this is for you.

I currently work at a flat rate (non-hourly), so you won't have to worry about going over budget. Please note prices will vary depending on the nature of the project, whether you want to buy the copyright, etc. Please get in touch for a quote.

Design Sheet - Fantasy Lighthouses by ZacharyHogan

Icy by ZacharyHogan

A Long-Expected Qingdian by ZacharyHogan

Requesting a commission:

Please note or email me at with the following details:

    -Scene description
    -Colour scheme/feel
    -Desired level of detail (see above)

    1. Taken
    2. Available

See the FAQ below for any questions.

Commission FAQHow many commissions do you take?
It varies based on my current availability and workload. If there are no free slots you can still send me a message and we can see if we can figure something out.
How do I pay for commission?
I currently only accept Paypal. Often I request 40% of the payment before beginning, and the final 60% on delivery of the work. 
What are the differences between the different tiers of paintings that you offer?
The sketch paintings involve no or very little preparatory work - it's literally a loose and pretty sketch. For the other two tiers of paintings I do some extra work beforehand.I'll do several quick drawings to give us both an idea of how the final image could look, and you'll give me some feedback on which one you like the best and any changes you want made. I want to give you the best value for your money.
Your prices have increased/decreased since last time I checked. How come?
The base prices I charge are based on a bunc

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eumoir Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014
Will the canvas sizes be similar to the ones that are shown? Thanks!
ZacharyHogan Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, thanks for your interest! For the polished and semi-polished pieces they'll be 2000-3000 pixels on the longest edge, potentially larger depending on how much detail is required. 
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