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How many commissions do you take?
It varies based on my current availability and workload. If there are no free slots you can still send me a message and we can see if we can figure something out.

How do I pay for commission?
I currently only accept Paypal. Often I request 40% of the payment before beginning, and the final 60% on delivery of the work. 

What are the differences between the different tiers of paintings that you offer?
The sketch paintings involve no or very little preparatory work - it's literally a loose and pretty sketch. For the other two tiers of paintings I do some extra work beforehand.I'll do several quick drawings to give us both an idea of how the final image could look, and you'll give me some feedback on which one you like the best and any changes you want made. I want to give you the best value for your money.

Your prices have increased/decreased since last time I checked. How come?
The base prices I charge are based on a bunch of things; how much time I have to spare, how much money I do/don't have, how much demand there is, etc. Just like the price of bread changes week by week, so must the price of art. 
If I've already accepted your request though, don't fret! The price we agreed on will remain the same until the next time we meet.

You've changed your prices part way through our contract- will this effect how much I have to pay at the end?
Absolutely not! Whenever I start a contract with you we lock-in the current prices for the duration of that contract.

Are your prices absolute?
Nope. Depending on the exact nature of your project, how much design work needs to be done, how detailed you want it or how large or small you'd like the final image, the prices may be higher or lower. I wouldn't dream of charging you full price for a 200px by 200px image for your non-commercial website, for instance.

What if I want to commission stuff that isn't listed here?
Send me a note and we'll have a chat about it. If the image you want is quite small (a book cover or trading card image) then the price will likely be lower, because it means I'm working at a smaller resolution with inherently less detail.

Can I order fan art? 
This is shaky ground. If the copyrighted content (a character, location, etc) has been translated into another style and/or the image created can be considered to be a parody or covered under Fair Use, then I may be comfortable accepting the work. It's a bit tricky legally and we must get it right, otherwise we get grumpy lawyers coming over for tea, crumpets and expensive arguments.

How do I commission work based on a world that I have already created?
Send me links to any information and/or images you already have. I will likely also ask you a few questions so I know that what I'm giving you is as accurate to your vision as it can be.

Hello, I am comic publisher/game developer/just amateur, would you draw comics/game stuff/whatever by my scripts?
I'm happy to take on larger projects, but currently I prefer to not sign lengthy contracts. As always though, send me a message and we can discuss it.

How does copyright work?
For my standard prices, I retain copyright of the images and you get the non-exclusive right to reproduce the image non-commercially and with a credit line (art by Zachary Hogan 2015, for instance). Works done for commercial purposes or in instances where you wish to purchase the copyright, prices will increase on a case-by-case basis.

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Submitted on
December 19, 2014